Chairman’s Message

Chairman Lee G0AMU

Chairman Lee G0AMU

I have been a WARC member now for around 6 years. During that time I have come to know some fascinating characters within the membership, and have always found the members to be friendly, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.
During the past 33 years of being a radio amateur, I have had the opportunity to visit a number of radio clubs, some sadly, no longer in existence.
WARC in my opinion stands out as a special club for a number of reasons:-
Three meetings a week (Tue, Thur & Sun).
Probably one of the best radio club shacks in the north of England.
Well appointed club premises, with good lecture and meeting facilities.
Training and examination centre.
And most important, members with a wealth of information and expertise on our chosen hobby and its many associated subjects.

It is my pleasure to have been given the opportunity to guide the club forward, with your help, during the coming year.
We need to plan future events carefully in the hope that it will involve many of the current members, and perhaps even attract some new members.
Tuesday evening talks are probably one of the more difficult areas to address. The job of program manager is not easy. But I’m sure with encouragement and suggestions from you all, we can fill the seats and also learn a great deal in the process.
Sunday afternoon meetings are growing in popularity. The club shack is getting increased use, including satellite communication, something I’m sure is a little different to radio operation from home. Construction projects are discussed , and put into operation. Plus of course the usual tea and biscuits as pursued by attendees of the ever popular Thursday morning meetings.

It is my intention, with the help of a very experienced committee, to serve the club to the best of my ability, however it is most important that I receive feedback from you all.
As a collective we can involve ourselves in many aspects of this fascinating hobby, that we could or would not do as individuals.

I look forward to many radio related and social events in the coming months.

Lee Parrott G0AMU (Chairman, Warrington Amateur Radio Club).