Club Call signs

The club’s main call signs are G0WRS for HF, G6WRC for VHF/UHF .

We did hold M5T until last year which has been reallocated to M0RIU qth R and on, please do not complain to us about un gentlemanly conduct as we have had emails indicating this call has been misused !

The club also holds special event call signs – GB0LSM which is used for Mills on the air. We also hold GB0MSI which is used at Manchester Museum of Science and Industry events throughout the year. We also stage events at the Burtonwood Heritage Museum and use the call GB0BAB.

GB8AEM we use on a yearly basis from the Anson Engine  museum during the museums weekend on the air events.

The club holds GB2012MV which was used for the 2012 Olympic games, the club represented the North West region.