CDG2000 Post Mixer Amp 2

This is a modification to the design published in RadCom. In the original CDG2000, there were two ways in which the transmit signal was generated. One was by means of a separate transmit ALC/filter board that took DSB from an exciter, the other was a DDS /DSP design that generated SSB directly at 9 MHz. In both cases the output was a 10 dBm transmit signal at 9 MHz with inputs for ALC, drive power control and PA VSWR control. You can see the original version here.

The DDS / DSP design is not yet published. Here you will find a modified design for the receive post mixer amp and filters that includes transmit SSB filtering, amplifiers, and ALC circuits.

For background information, refer to the original version’s overview here.

This is an updated PCB and schematic. For the previous version look HERE.

PCB Tracking PCB Component Placement
Circuit Notes  PCB Tracking Reversed  PCB Bottom Components Placement
 Schematic part 1  Schematic Part 2

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