Some components

Here you can find copies of datasheets on some of the key components. Browse the CD – not all those present are listed here.

One key document to see is the Philips I2C bus specification. Some of the key components are listed below.

Small quantities of some of the key components may be obtained from the authors. Click here for details


lm6733 This is the 320×240 graphics LCD. The programming guide is also here. The actual component used is the Densitron LM6733B240G320WCF with CCFL inverter INV-12. These are available from Farnell, part numbers 316-7630 and 316-7641 respectively. You could also consider the LED backlight version of the same unit, Farnell part number 316-7628. This is the Densitron LM4733B240G320WCF. George is currently using this one!
mdl(s)-40466 This is the 40×4 alphanumeric display. George used the Varitronix MDLS40466-LV-LED04, Farnell part number 142-682.
74hct9046a_3 The phase comparator used in the synthesizer
fst3125 The bus switch used in the H-mode mixer
hsp45102 This is the DDS used in the synthesizer

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