CDG2000 Transceiver

The CDG2000 Transceiver

This site provides supporting material to the RSGB series of articles on the CDG2000 transceiver. The aim is to provide the reader with the supporting text to the series either to explore issues in more depth or to provide additional material such as user guides, software, pcb artwork and performance data. It will be extended as the series progresses in RadCom.

All materials provided here are copyright Dave Roberts G8KBB, George Fare G3OGQ and Colin Horrabin G3SBI. In all cases, materials are provided for the purpose of self education and training in Amateur Radio. No use may be make for commercial purposes without permission of the authors. PCBs and some components are available from the authors.

**June 2005 ** Information Updated – New PCB details & documentation (many changes).

Information is currently available on the following subset. Links have now been fixed Jan 2015 (Webmaster)

Introduction Front End board IF Unit
Picture Gallery Low Pass Filter Controller
Credits Post Mixer Amplifier(s) TX Low Pass filter
Synthesizer items_for_sale Components
Relay Board Transmit Exciter 1 CW Osc & AF amp
10W Power Amplifier

Note that PCB data are shown now as PDF files. If you print out at 100% scaling, you will get 1:1 artwork for producing PCBs.

We could not get all the material on the website  so if you want the articles with the hi res pictures, we can supply a CD on request. Note – best viewed at 1024×768.


June 2005  Relaced all PCBs and most schematics to correct numerous minor errors. New documentation in many places.

Links To other websites with information on the CDG2000

                        H – Mode Mixer Developments by Martein PA3AKE

                        Fairchild FST3125 used as high-level mixer.

                        OZ3QY ‘s CDG2000 tranceiver

                        OZ9FW ‘s CDG2000 project


                       Sergio IK4AUY pictures gallery page is at:


                       (Our photos also inspired Csaba work at HA5BGL  since we had personal e-mail exchanges about
some tips around the IF board and he saw our boards).

                        See also my little baby Giacomo at the head phones

WARC – Home of the CDG2000 design centre.