What is Amateur Radio?

Amateur radio is a technical hobby involving people, electronics and communication.

If you’re interested in shortwave radio listening, communicating via radio or electronics then you’re sure to find amateur radio fascinating.

Amateur radio is a very broad hobby with many different areas of interest, here are just a few:

Communicating with local amateurs. This can be done directly or using ‘repeaters’ to increase the distance of contacts, particularly when out and about using a mobile radio.

Communicating with amateurs abroad. It is possible to directly communicate with radio amateurs all over the world!

Communicating using ‘data’ modes. Data modes use a computer to encode and decode messages which are sent via radio, this can allow incredibly weak signals to be decoded so where voice can’t be heard messages can still be exchanged.

Communicating using morse code. Morse code is no longer required for any of the license levels but many hams of all ages find this a fascinating way to communicate and it is currently undergoing a revival in those new to the hobby.

Construction of equipment. This could be something very simple using just a handful of components or as complex as a complete transceiver.

Communication using a combination of internet and radio. Nowadays it is possible to communicate using hotspots in your home or even via your an app on your mobile phone to repeaters all round the world, these then broadcast your signal via radio frequencies.

Communicating with the ISS and via satellites. The International Space Station is equipped with amateur radio equipment and always has a licensed radio amateur on board, so it’s possible to communicate directly with an astronaut in space! Additionally it is possible to communicate via satellites fitted with repeaters, this can allow communication between any two places within the line of sight of the satellite.

The availability of a geostationary satellite QO100 give access to many narrow modes and also TV transmissions viewable over 2 thirds of the planet !

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