A 34 Mhz to 4.4Ghz signal generator

This is an open source “starter” project conceived by Steve M0MOI with the objective of creating a wide ranging signal source which can be put together using off the shelf modules and only a small amount of soldering. This project is based around a cheap and readily available ADF4351 development board.

It is requested that anyone adding to this project or improving features or functions also make their material open source to all club members.

Startup Screen

Startup Screen

The soldering is mainly confined to the use of a rotary encoder to navigate the menus.

The whole device runs from a usb cable which also serves as a means to update and change the internal program (which is non-volatile). The device will run from 34Mhz to 4.4Ghz and has two outputs. One for a continuous rf output the other will output Morse identifiers including call sign(C/S)  and maidenhead locator (LOC).

The other menu options are frequency (F) and output level (LVL).

The main rotary encoder is used, amongst other things, to increase/decrease frequency and increase/decrease level etc.

Upon startup pressing the rotary encoder button will cycle through the options one by one and the chosen option is marked by a single chevron < to the right of each option thus F< means the frequency can be adjusted by the rotary encoder etc. So F<, C<, L<, and O< for output level are all valid.

A description of the project and software are to be found here:- Signal Generator

The inter board wiring diagram can be found here:- ADF-4351-Sch

Further information on wiring etc is only available to club members.

Edited by Vincent M0LCR

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