The CDG2000 TX Exciter 1

The CDG2000 TX Exciter 1

This is one of the simpler boards. It is a transmit exciter using analogue techniques. If you do not want to go digital with either a digital exciter or a 15 KHz DSP generator, this is an easy way to get going.

There are two ways to build this. If, like George, you wanted a plethora of manual controls, use it as it is. If however you want it controlled by the PIC controller, then there is a small add-on board that may be used to interface it to the I2C bus.

Note that the PCB and schematic have been updated as of June 2005

Description and parts list
PCB Component Layout PCB Tracking  PCB Tracking reversed 
Schematic part 1 Schematic part 2 Control circuit schematic
Control circuit description and parts list Control PCB Bottom Tracking  Control PCB Ground Plane
Control PCB Component Layout Control PCB Bottom Tracking reversed  Control PCB Tracking Errata (previous PCB layouts)

PCB CAD download  – TX Exciter

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