Your introduction to the World of Radio

Amateur radio is a popular technical hobby that uses designated radio frequencies for exchange of messages, wireless experimentation, self-training, and emergency communications.
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NARSA Exhibtion 2024

Training and Advancement

We are very active in training and guiding members through the various license classes, and during the current Covid restrictions all exams can now be taken online!

WARC - firmly in the 21st Century

The club boasts excellent up to date facilities with full access to the Grappenhall community centre. The club has a well equipped shack with state of the art radio equipment for the members to use.

WARC - Looking to the future

Many people become Amateur Radio operators because of their interest in radio technology and experimentation, here at WARC we encourage our members to embrace new technologies. The club will, within its means fund the purchase of equipment and help with training on emerging tech.

Welcome to Warrington Amateur Radio Club

Whether you are a seasoned radio amateur of many years or a complete beginner and whether you work as an electronic engineer or have no technical experience whatsoever we welcome you to join us!

We hold hybrid meetings both in person and on zoom every Tuesday evening at 20:00 for our main meeting and Sunday afternoon at 14:00, for "Solder Sunday", we also have an in person social meeting on Thursday mornings at the club. We are actively training and have had a number of recent successes with members at all 3 license levels.

Pop down to a meeting at the club, join us on Zoom - code 867 3049 5863 or contact us for more details!


How to become a radio amateur...