Online Training Courses

In recent years, as in most areas, there has been a move to more online training and online training resources; these can be used alongside an in person course or in place of an in person course.

We have members who have self trained using online resources, with help and advice from club members as required, others who have used more formal online courses and others who have done in person training courses with the club.

In September 2019 the syllabus changed significantly pulling intermediate material down to foundation and full material down to intermediate (to make each of the steps less of a leap), however many of the resources are still relevant, it’s just important to bare in the mind the gaps that may exist.


Courses require enrolment and follow a particular structure, there are additional video courses which don’t require enrolment under resources below.

Essex Ham Foundation Online Amateur Radio Training Course – Foundation

Free enrolment, lasts three weeks and is run at least once monthly.

GM6DX “Getting’ Tae Grips” – Foundation and Intermediate

Free enrolment at any stage, you just follow the sessions yourself, there are facebook groups to engage with others following the courses.

Bath and District Amateur Radio Club Training – Intermediate and Full

Enrolment required, these are run periodically, last a few months and do have a limited number of participants so it’s advisable to sign up as soon as possible.


Some of these resources are video courses from clubs but don’t require enrolment.

Cornish Radio Amateur Club Training – All levels, old syllabus – Partial intermediate new syllabus

Even though most of the CRAC videos are for the previous (pre-2019) syllabus the vast majority is relevant for the new syllabus and there are some great background videos, additionally the new videos for intermediate technical subjects are very helpful.

Radio Society of Harrow – Intermediate Course

Video walkthrough of the intermediate syllabus items.

Bredhurst Receiving and Transmitting Society online training – All levels, old syllabus

Based on the previous (pre-2019) syllabus but a mine of written useful information.

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