The CDG2000 Synthesizer

The CDG2000 Synthesizer

This is the frequency synthesizer that generates to Receive Mixer Local Oscillator signal. The output is a logic level signal designed to drive the logic input of the H-mode mixer on the front end board.

Here you can download an early version of the article submitted to RadCom, the PCB artwork, pictures and supporting material. The one listed below has all the text but none of the pictures ( quick to download ).

There is a spreadsheet that shows the configuration data and how it is produced. Refer to the article and the controller notes to understand it. There is a variant of this used by Harold W4ZCB that uses different division ratios ( requiring minor wiring changes to the synth board ).  Note you MUST have the analysis toolkit loaded into Excel before you use the spreadsheet as it uses the hex conversion functions of VB. To check, see ‘add-ins’ under ‘tools’ of Excel 97.

Early version of article (without pictures) Hi res picture of top of board Hi res picture of bottom of board
Synth schematic page 1 of 3 Synth schematic page 2 of 3 Synth schematic page 3 of 3
Parts List Configuration Data
PCB Top component layout PCB Bottom component layout
PCB Bottom tracking PCB Bottom tracking reversed
Early phase noise plot VCO performance data

PCB CAD Download Synth

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