Special Forces and STA Patrol man-portable, patrol level radio HF / VHF, Half-duplex transceiver, which was built in the United Kingdom by MEL. Features include key-pad entry of frequency, mode and data with digital LCD display; 10 pairs of pre-programmable channels; half-duplex operation with the option of transmitting and receiving on different channels; the option of using a removable pocket sized electronic message unit (EMU) to transmit and receive short data communications; fully automatic antenna tuner which can be remoted up to 50m from the set using standard co-ax cable; Self test facility. power output is 50 watts PEP on high power setting with an adjustable low power of 2-5 watts. Frequency range is 1.5-40 MHz allowing short range VHF communications overlap with the other clansman series radios on the higher frequencies.

Advantages: 50 watts TX and Auto ATUDisadvantages: Direct entry or programmed, channelized frequency entry, Prevents band scanning.


The Clansman PRC-319 Electronic Message Unit “EMU” BA-1304 is a removable pocket sized small alphanumeric keyboard that allows transmission of written words and data when voice transmissions would be dangerous, to coordinates and direct communication with fire control and direction computers. The unit operates using the RWOP system. It uses standard frequency shift keying (FSK) with 850 Hz shift and forward error correction (FEC) to protect against reception errors. The bandwidth is dependent on keying speed.




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