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Please note: due to the current COVID19 pandemic and government restrictions all ‘in person’ events are currently suspended, however we have extended club net times and meetings via web conferencing, see below. Club net is daily 10:00-11:00, Tuesday evening 20:00-21:00 (if no meeting via web conferencing), and Sunday afternoon 14:00-15:00. Meet on S20 and QSY to 145.425MHz +/-

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  • Tue


    Practical time again

    In the clubroom, come try out your frequency meter. Jack will bring his off air standard. Make sure you arrive in good time to let your meter stabilise as most take some time to warm up.

    Meanwhile, outside - assuming the weather is good - it's practice time. In June there will be a 2 metre walking DF hunt around the village so some and make sure your kit works in the car park.

    Oh, and as usual, get some practice in in the shack