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Types of Membership

To become a member of Warrington Amateur Radio Club you don’t have to live in Warrington and you don’t even need to be a Radio Amateur! If you have an interest in radio communications or want to find out more why don’t you get in touch and come along to one of our meetings?

There are several types of membership available depending on your circumstances. Please contact us using the form below if you would like more details.

Membership Type Details
Honorary Life Member No subscription required. Member is entitled to full access of the club and its facilities. The members, following outstanding service to the club typically bestow this entitlement upon an individual.
Full Member Annual subscription. Member is entitled to full access of the club and its facilities.
Junior/Student Member Reduced annual subscription. For persons below a certain age. Members in this category have access to the club but limited to certain facilities.
Country Member Reduced annual subscription. Member receives club magazine and has very limited access to the club. This membership is aimed at those who wish to stay in contact with the club but live well beyond the boundaries of Warrington and are therefore only likely to visit typically once or twice a year.
Family Member Available to families with more than 1 member.


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