Here you will find a number of our club projects. Some were created by WARC members, some are modifications or updates to projects created by others, and some we can take no credit for – they are ones that we decided were pretty neat and as a number of members wanted to build them, we’ve put notes and information here for members.

A Morse Tutor, Arduino based

A Pi based VPN Server

Arduino Based 4.4Ghz Sig Gen

An Auto ATU Project

Embedded FreeDV for Raspberry Pi

Portsdown 4

VoIP phone for the shack

A 34Mhz to 4.4Ghz signal generator

A Complete 13.8 Volt, 20 Amp PSU

A Headphones Splitter Box with Amplification

A Simple Digital Power Meter

CDG2000 Transceiver

Millennium Project 160m AM Receiver

Advanced DSP and PIC (WARCPIC)

Calibrated noise source – W0IYH

PIECASE – Make your Raspberry Pi case