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Please note: due to the current COVID19 pandemic and government restrictions all ‘in person’ events are currently suspended, however we have extended club net times and meetings via Zoom, see below for details. Club net is daily 10:00-11:00, Tuesday evening 20:00-21:00 (if no meeting via web conferencing), and Sunday afternoon 14:00-15:00. Meet on S20 and QSY to 145.350MHz +/-

Zoom code 867 3049 5863 or contact us for more details!

Event Information:

  • Tue

    Blue Ham what you need to know !

    20:00Club room

    Operation “Blue Ham “ 5 Megs what you need to know about operating who can you speak to ! What can you say ! What can’t you say! Which frequency is allowed etc.


    some ideas for club stand at NARSA?