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We meet Tuesday evenings 19:45 for 20:00, Thursday mornings 10:00 and Sundays 14:00. Tuesdays and Sundays are hybrid in person and Zoom meetings (Join us in person or using zoom, code 867 3049 5863) Thursday mornings are exclusively in person, see schedule below or  contact us for more details.

Event Information:

  • Tue

    The Art of Homebrewing and Project PSSST

    08:00Clubhouse and Zoom

    From the left coast of the US, we welcome Pete Juliano, N6QW.  Pete will present information on the Art of Homebrewing.  He will use his latest radio project, the PSSST, a 7 transistor fully functional 20M Transceiver to explore this wonderful facet of our hobby - DIY.  Join Pete for a bit of humour, the revealing of the Secret Tribal Knowledge and learning how not to solder your fingers together.

    In the interim Pete suggests that we look at these three sites for some insight into his talk and approach: